Ultra Light Travel Trailers

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At RV Man we have an extensive selection of ultra-lightweight travel trailers to choose from. As the demand for improved fuel efficiency grows, so does the demand for ultra-lightweight travel trailers. Lightweight travel trailers are specifically designed to keep towing weight down, and sometimes thousands of pounds can be reduced. We have the best selection for sale.
RV traveling is more than just being on the road. You do not need to sacrifice your home comforts, particularly when you have an ultralight travel trailer. There are many factors that warrant consideration when looking to buy a luxury or budget ultra-lightweight travel trailer.

An ultra-lightweight travel trailer is often under 3,000 pound GVWR, some even down to 1,000 pounds or less! If you are willing to go a little heavier, up to about 4,000 or 5,000 pounds you may find additional features, they are still easily towable — but take you out of the ultralight travel trailers market. These days you may be overwhelmed by the choices in the travel trailers for sale. You will find different floor plans, and many key features included wi-fi boosters and outside speakers that make tailgating and socializing more enjoyable. But, if relaxing alone is more your style, you will find many conveniences inside as well such as a quality refrigerator, air conditioning, upgrades, TV and plenty of safety measures. One of the other benefits of owning an ultra-lightweight travel trailer is that they can be towed by smaller vehicles, including light-duty trucks, SUV’s, crossovers and even sedans.

Here are some additional reasons for considering an ultralight travel trailer:

  • Easy to tow because of lightweight capacity
  • Easily towed by lighter trucks and SUVs
  • Greater fuel efficiency
  • Easy to hitch and unhitch
  • Affordable option compared to heavier RVs
  • May feature expandable section for more living space
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