Class B Motorhomes for Sale in Southern California

Class B Motorhomes for Sale in Southern California

With the Class B motorhome, you can be on the road and on your next trip in minutes – making them ideal for those last minute get-a-way trips to visit the family, the mountains, or the beautiful California beaches. It is the smallest type of motorhome and is also generally the least expensive. Our Class B RV’s for sale in California provide maximum functionality without all the fuss. The features are unmatched for the price, given they including a fully functioning kitchen and bathroom.

Although Class B motorhomes are smaller than other RV types, they still have surprisingly spacious interior equipt with storage space and a lounge and dining area which can transform into a double bed at night. Picture yourself waking up with fresh-brewed coffee, a warm shower, and world-class views.

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Why We Love Class B Motorhomes:

  • Many Class B’s fit into a standard garage.
  • Vehicle fits in a regular parking space.
  • Can be used as a second family vehicle with decent mileage.
  • Sleek, fuel-efficient, agile, and is fitted with modern amenities.
  • Economical on many levels.

Class B Motorhome Considerations:

  • Sleeping quarters can feel confining.
    Most contain sleeping quarters provided by dropping a table or folding couch.
  • Interior space can be limited
  • Everything is small because space is so limited.
  • Your TV might be a smaller 9-inch rather than the large HDTV.

Enjoy your life on the road. With a Class B RV, you can worry less and travels more! The RV Man has a generous selection of Class B motorhomes for sale in Southern California. Visit or call us today to find a Class B motorhome that fits your needs!

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