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travel with dogs in RV

We know what your first thought might be: I will not be RVing with my dogs. We understand where you are coming from, but with a few preparations, we know RV travel with dogs is easier than most think.

There are several things you will want to consider to ensure your dogs are safe, comfortable, and able to be themselves in your RV. Don’t put your travel dreams on hold because it is possible RVing with your dogs.

The first and foremost topic is safety when RVing with dogs. We highly recommend buying a seatbelt for your dogs when driving. We know it is your home on wheels, but protect your dogs with extended seatbelts.

Make sure you stop frequently when RVing with dogs. Pit stops are important for you and your canine. This will give your dogs the chance to stretch and play before getting back on the road. Give your dogs and yourself [...]

Many RVers, both veteran and newbie, consider buying a used travel trailer at some point. RVs are expensive in general, so this is a common cost-effective alternative that many people consider exciting. However, some find themselves stuck with a defective or damaged camper, as they didn’t know what to look for when they were searching for the RV. The goal of our RV buying guide is to help walk you through the process of buying used campers and to give you the knowledge to find a reliable, affordable RV that’s perfect for you.

When starting the process, try to write down what you’re looking for in an RV. Are you looking to go long distances, drive long-term, or short-term? After you’ve decided how you will use your RV, make a list of your requirements and the rest will be easy. You’ll only need to inspect the vehicle and test drive it. So let’s explore how [...]

5th wheel vs travel trailer pros and cons

There’s no denying that investing in an RV would make your life more adventurous. It’d be just you, your loved ones, the open road, and some of the most beautiful and remote places of our country. Some people choose to live in an RV full-time, whereas other’s invest in them for recreational purposes. Either way, they’re a big investment and require a lot of thought to be put into what specific type of RV will be best for you.

Some of the most popular types of RVs are those that you tow behind your car, the most common of those being fifth wheels or travel trailers. However, everyone has different ideas and expectations of what their RV experience will be. Both veteran RVers and newbies ask themselves at some point what exactly are the advantages of fifth wheel vs travel trailer.

In this article, we’re going to explore what the best option would be for [...]

California trailer towing laws

The magic of an RV is the feeling of sovereignty that comes with it. There’s a freedom to go wherever you want, with whomever you want, whenever you want; a wanderer with no one to say what must be done. Some of the countries most stunning landscapes become a part of your everyday life and places that you’ve grown up hearing about, like Lake Tahoe in Nevada, suddenly become your new backyard.

However, as easy-going as the life of an RVer may seem, there are still California RV laws that must be followed. They’re typically not too extensive and can be easily accommodated. However, if you’re going to enjoy your time as an RV adventurer, knowing the restrictions of your vehicle is imperative. No one likes to get fined or ticketed in the middle of the best road trip of all time.

We certainly can’t list every one of the California RV laws, but [...]

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