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What Is Boondocking?

Boondocking, otherwise known as dispersed camping, dry camping, or free camping, is when RVers go camping out in nature, away from any private lands, and, you guessed it, free of cost. The most popular destinations are in the Bureau of Land Management, wildlife areas, vineyards, lakes, and sand dunes. Basically, scenic places where you can have both solitude and adventure.

The boondocking RV lifestyle requires a flexible schedule so people who are the more free-spirited types, and who don’t want to be confined to any rules, will find a lot of joy in this activity. Also, you can go dry camping with any size RV, unlike private camping.

Boondock Camping

People’s biggest concerns about RV dry camping are the issues of electricity, water, wifi, lighting, sanitation, and safety. But, as long as you plan ahead of time, these will not be difficult to accommodate. Solar power, internet signal boosters, LED lights, [...]

Spring is finally upon us. The birds and butterflies are out to play and the warm weather has brought flocks of people to National Parks and lakes all across the country. People are also bringing out their RVs after a few cold months in storage. You might find that some dust has gathered over the counters and that the showers aren’t draining perfectly; maybe the axles and suspension are malfunctioning.

This worries some people, especially when you consider how these travel trailers are expensive, long-term investments that require a good deal of care and attention. Whether it be from winter storage or just improper travel trailer maintenance over time, it needs to be addressed before it becomes a problem. The best way to fix and prevent this problem is to keep up a strict RV maintenance routine. Check out The RV Man’s travel trailer maintenance tip guide below!

Seal It Up

Mother Nature [...]

rv floor plan

Everyone has a vision of RV floor plans that consist of a full bathroom, kitchen, bedrooms, a living room, a television and luxury upon luxury. Despite the fact that that whole set up is out of most peoples’ price range, it does not make for an entirely practical vehicle. As we mentioned before, having a big RV can put a damper on travel plans and might not always be the best choice for RV first-timers. However, those big-rigs will definitely have their benefits if you’re traveling long-term with a big group of friends or family. Obviously, the whole point of RVs is to be comfortable and at home on the road.

Your motorhome floor plans play a big part in how you use and experience your vehicle. So before you make the commitment to one particular motorhome, keep a few things in mind. How much space do you want to work with? What will you [...]

small rv

RVs come in many shapes and sizes, each with their own unique set of benefits and drawbacks. Although all the information can be quite overwhelming, knowing a few simple facts can make the decision process easier. Depending on how often you RV, where you go, if you’ve previously owned an RV, and why you’re RVing in the first place will narrow down your choices. Most people find themselves choosing between a Class A and a Class C RV. Class A RVs are the biggest on the market, with Class Cs are considered small RVs. Although bigger RVs definitely have their benefits, we’re going to take a look at why small motorhomes are a good investment.


Typically, families and older couples have made up most of the RV community, but something about the fresh air and complete freedom is attracting a whole new crowd. Crazy, right?

In recent years, younger, and more frugal, people [...]

We’ve reached the time of the year of rainy days and strong winds. Whether or not you enjoy this kind of weather, this can make spending time in an RV quite uncomfortable if you don’t properly prepare for winter RV living. It’s important to educate yourself on how to winterize a camper so you don’t spend all your time cleaning out your flood camper, freezing in your jacket, or struggling with a frozen plumbing system. Luckily, everything you need to winterize RVs can be found in almost any RV parts store.

During the coldest season, the campers plumbing system and the engine can freeze up, so antifreeze is a necessary component to winter RV camping. Alcohol-based antifreeze is the cheapest form available, however, it is unpopular in the RV community, as it leaves a bad aftertaste in the water system and dries it out. The best RV antifreeze would be a Propylene Glycol antifreeze. [...]

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