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How to Keep Your RV Cool This Summer

Window shading used to keep rv cool

With Memorial Day weekend in the rear view mirror, Summer 2019 is officially underway. While making plans for who and where you want to see, it’s also important to prepare for the ways to keep you RV cool in summer heat. Because there isn’t much worse than a hot RV, learn how to keep a trailer cool in the summer.

1. Parking and Orientation


The sun is enemy number one when you’re trying to keep your RV cool in extreme heat. Parking under a shade tree is one of the best ways to keep your RV cool. This first step is critical and others will be looking to do the same so plan ahead. After finding your shade tree, park your RV so the side with the most window space is facing away from the afternoon sun.

2. Awnings and Tarps


reading woman keeping rv cool by using awning

Awnings and tarps are another way to beat back the heat and keep your RV cool this summer. Sometimes a shade tree is just not available so your awning or a handy tarp will be your best friend. Make sure your awning is functioning properly and free of holes before your next trip. While you’re at it, throw in a sturdy tarp or two that can be used as make shift awning or many other functions around your site.     

3. Window Shades


Tinting windows is a great start but when the summer heat is most extreme, every bit helps. High quality window shields to something a simple as a bed sheet will help keep sunlight out of your trailer. Don’t forget sky lights, including the shower. Knowing how to keep your RV cool without ac with this simple trick will go a long way.

4. Cook Outside During the Day


cooking outside on open fire to help keep rv cool

Now that the sunlight’s impact has been reduced, its important not to create any extra heat of your own. Cooking inside your RV will heat things up. Not only that, the warmer months will make food smells stay longer. Cooking outside is a great way to enjoy the outdoors while helping to keep your RV cool. If there is no shade for cooking, this may be one of those times to get out that handy tarp to help keep you cool!

5. Airflow and Ventilation


Maintaining good airflow is a great tool for your how to keep RV cool in summer tool belt. We want to push out the hot air out and bring the fresh air through. Screen doors letting fresh air in is a good start but don’t forget a way for that fresh air to move through-out the trailer. Open the ceiling vent if you have one or a back window so air can freely move. Also, have your refrigerator ventilation system inspected before hitting the road. It’s amazing how much heat is produced to keep food cold and a properly working and clean vent will go a long way.

6. Switch to LED Lights


How to keep RV cool in extreme heat doesn’t require extreme actions. Something as small as replacing your OEM or halogen lights can make a difference. These older light bulbs can make a bigger impact than you think.

7. Trip Planning


rv en route to cooler temperatures during summer

And finally, when you want to keep your RV cool in summer months, destination matters. If possible, avoid the hottest locations during the hottest months. Don’t forget UV and humidity when researching your next destination. This may not be an option, but luckily, we already went through six ways to keep your RV cool without ac.

Summer months are a great time to hit the open road and visit friends, family and the great outdoors. One of biggest challenges is how to keep your RV cool in extreme summer heat without ac. By planning ahead and using these tricks, you’ll be the most comfortable RV on the block.


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