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The Advantages of Owning a Pop Up Camper

There are RVs of all shapes and sizes. You can find motorhomes over 45 feet long, futuristic AirStream campers, Fifth Wheels, Travel Trailers, and more. The industry has always been known for its diversity and it is unique in the sense that truly a trailer for everyone. There are people who like their adventure on the luxurious side who are more inclined to travel in something like a Newmar King Aire RV. People seeking a more affordable, minimalist travel style will probably lean more towards a leisure travel van, like the Winnebago View 24M. People in the middle usually go for, camping in a pop-up camper. It’s the perfect middle-ground.

Benefits Of A Pop Up Camper

Pop-up campers travel small, but when you set up camp, you’re whole set up triples in size. Some campers can even fit a bed, kitchenette, tv, couch, and more. This is great for people on a budget or families looking for a quick vacation without having to invest in a full-size RV. Pop-up campers are towed behind your car, so not only will you save money on the camper itself, but you’ll also save on maintenance, gas, repairs, and every other RV-related cost. Even a regular SUV can handle pulling a pop-up camper behind it.

It’s also common, for people just getting into RVing, to begin with a pop-up camper before transitioning to a big rig. Those massive RVs that you see everywhere can be difficult to maneuver and a lot of practice is required before you’ll feel confident operating one yourself. Other than driving it, your pop-up camper will give you more travel opportunities since it requires a lot less space than a typical RV. You’ll have access to more campsites, parking spots, and even roads than others.

Pop Up Camping Ideas and Tips

In order to enjoy your pop up to its fullest potential, we’ve compiled some of our favorite pop up trailer camping tips.

  • Be prepared: Keep in mind that you’ll be traveling on the lighter side. Make sure you have a good supply of the pop up camping necessities like blankets, pillows, propane, water, and firewood to keep you comfortable. You’ll also need to know how to set up your tent, which is where most of your party will be sleeping. It’s best to take your pop up out during warmer weather so that you’ll be able to lay out in the open air and admire the stars.
  • Watch Where You Park: When camping in a pop up camper, you have to be more careful than you would in a three-ton RV. To prevent your camper from sliding away or getting stuck, park on flat, even ground.
  • Optimize Space: Storage containers will become your new best friend. Instead of having all your necessities (like food, tools, set-up materials, etc.) strewn throughout your camper, keep them in storage bins to free up some of the space.

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