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What is RV Boondocking?

What Is Boondocking?

Boondocking, otherwise known as dispersed camping, dry camping, or free camping, is when RVers go camping out in nature, away from any private lands, and, you guessed it, free of cost. The most popular destinations are in the Bureau of Land Management, wildlife areas, vineyards, lakes, and sand dunes. Basically, scenic places where you can have both solitude and adventure.

The boondocking RV lifestyle requires a flexible schedule so people who are the more free-spirited types, and who don’t want to be confined to any rules, will find a lot of joy in this activity. Also, you can go dry camping with any size RV, unlike private camping.

Boondock Camping

People’s biggest concerns about RV dry camping are the issues of electricity, water, wifi, lighting, sanitation, and safety. But, as long as you plan ahead of time, these will not be difficult to accommodate. Solar power, internet signal boosters, LED lights, and water filters will make your life while boondock camping a lot easier. Even rationing your water, reducing your trash production, and bringing storage containers for food and drinks will help you out.

As far as safety goes, you don’t have nearly as much to worry about while RV dry camping as you do while in a city. Despite all the scary movies and shows about crime in campsites, the likelihood of anything actually happening is quite slim. All the things that attract criminals, like money and valuable items, will almost never be found in an RV.

Still, there are certain measures to take and ways to prepare which will keep you protected. It’s always best to have a strong flashlight, alarm, horns, pepper spray, and a few solid self-defense techniques on hand, just in case. Some boondockers even choose to carry a firearm. By simply being prepared for any trouble will make you feel much safer.

Boondocking RV Etiquette

Like every other aspect of RVing, boondock camping has a common, but mostly unspoken, etiquette that is important to follow. They’re fairly straight-forward and you probably could’ve guessed them yourself. But by keeping the noise down after a certain hour, following fire restrictions and campsite regulations, giving nearby RVs their space, and leaving your boondocking site cleaner than you found it, you can ensure that both you and anyone around you (if there’s anyone at all) will have an enjoyable experience while dry camping.

And don’t forget the wild animals that are living where you’re vacationing! This is their home. Give them space and get rid of any leftover food, so as to not tempt them, and you’ll be able to reside in these beautiful locations in peace.

All that’s left to know about boondock camping is that you need to take advantage of this unique opportunity. Go experience the quiet side of nature; find a hidden mountain to hike, swim in a secluded lake, and spend hours staring at the stars. Take this time of rare privacy to bond with your loved ones and grow closer to new friends. There won’t be a lot of other opportunities like this, so enjoy it while you can.

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