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7 Tips To Help Maintain Your RV

Spring is finally upon us. The birds and butterflies are out to play and the warm weather has brought flocks of people to National Parks and lakes all across the country. People are also bringing out their RVs after a few cold months in storage. You might find that some dust has gathered over the counters and that the showers aren’t draining perfectly; maybe the axles and suspension are malfunctioning.

This worries some people, especially when you consider how these travel trailers are expensive, long-term investments that require a good deal of care and attention. Whether it be from winter storage or just improper travel trailer maintenance over time, it needs to be addressed before it becomes a problem. The best way to fix and prevent this problem is to keep up a strict RV maintenance routine. Check out The RV Man’s travel trailer maintenance tip guide below!

Seal It Up

Mother Nature is unpredictable, so unexpected rain or humidity could ruin the interior of your RV if it seeps through any cracks in the windows, doors, or the roof. Run a periodical motorhome maintenance check to ensure that all the cracks are covered and no water can drip into the vehicle. Water and environmental damage can be quite costly.

Air Circulation

This is one of the easiest RV trailer maintenance practices. Simply getting air flowing through your motorhome will keep the temperature down and lengthen the lifespan of the interior. Just remember to shut the windows and doors after you’re done airing it out! Remember that water damage is not your friend!

Exercise the Generator

When your generator goes unused for months at a time will cause it to age much faster. We recommend running your generator, every month or so, and let it run for a few hours to keep it in working condition.


There are hundreds of parts that make up your RV, both big and small. If left unused for long periods of time, they can start to rust and age. Keeping these nuts, bolts, doors, locks, and sliders lubed-up is an important camper maintenance step that can add years of life to your RV.

Tire Maintenance

Making sure that your tires are inflated and that the lug nuts are tightened is perhaps one of the most crucial RV maintenance practices. Neglecting tire care, in extreme instances, can cause you to lose a tire or a blowout while your driving. This is not only dangerous to you and your passengers but also other drivers on the road.

Check Your Warning Lights

It’s easy to forget to check the little things in your RV. But running travel trailer maintenance checks on the carbon monoxide, tank, smoke, and propane sensors could prevent any dangerous situations, long-term damage, and expensive repairs that may arise over time. Every few months, check that the batteries are still charged and that there are no malfunctions in the sensors.

Keep It Clean, Folks

This really goes for anything, but regular cleaning is an integral part of travel trailer maintenance. As things get older, they also become more susceptible to wear and tear. Occasionally giving your trailer a full cleaning will work wonders. Not only will it extend the lifespan of your vehicle, but it will also keep it looking great. It will be worth a few hours every few months!

If you’re looking for more tips on how to experience your RV to the fullest potential, check out The RV Man blog!

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