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5 Benefits of Choosing a Smaller RV

RVs come in many shapes and sizes, each with their own unique set of benefits and drawbacks. Although all the information can be quite overwhelming, knowing a few simple facts can make the decision process easier. Depending on how often you RV, where you go, if you’ve previously owned an RV, and why you’re RVing in the first place will narrow down your choices. Most people find themselves choosing between a Class A and a Class C RV. Class A RVs are the biggest on the market, with Class Cs are considered small RVs. Although bigger RVs definitely have their benefits, we’re going to take a look at why small motorhomes are a good investment.


Typically, families and older couples have made up most of the RV community, but something about the fresh air and complete freedom is attracting a whole new crowd. Crazy, right?

In recent years, younger, and more frugal, people have begun investing in RVs. The decision to drive one person RVs and small RVs, in general, is because they are significantly cheaper than larger models. Better gas mileage, lower insurance rates, and a lower purchase price make it more appealing to RVers (both young and old) on a budget. If big RVs were the only option, life as an RVer wouldn’t be possible for just anyone.

Practice Makes Perfect

Many of the most popular RV destinations require drivers to take steep, winding roads into remote areas and driving around a massive camper can be quite dangerous if you aren’t experienced. Driving on highways, making U-turns, backing up, and changing lanes requires a lot of practice. Even driving in a shopping center parking lot or down a residential street can be nerve-wracking. When you’re first getting into RVing, you don’t want to have to put all your effort into driving and miss out on your chance to enjoy the view.

After some time, everyone gets used to driving their RV, no matter the size. But since driving RVs is complicated in general, a lot of people choose to start with a small drivable RV and then eventually switch over to the big leagues, to make sure that they can handle driving such a large vehicle.

Simple Living

It’s not uncommon to yearn for a simple life. Not everyone wants an RV with a huge bathroom, full kitchen, two bedrooms, a flat-screen TV, and a living room. For some, a simple small RV with bathroom, bed, and a fridge is more than enough. It might even push you to set up a tent outside and enjoy the cool mountain air.

Some people are also choosing to purchase one person RVs to experience a solitary life with Mother Nature. Others even opt in on getting lightweight trailers to tow behind their cars, which can also carry kayaks, bikes, and other adventure equipment. Every version of a small drivable RV (whether it be Class C, one-person, or travel trailers) offers something amazing.

More Travel Opportunities

There are so many more places that you can travel to with a small RV than you can with big ones. A lot of national parks and forest don’t even offer large parking spots and the few that they do have get taken up rather quickly. Some of the best RV destinations in the United States even have size restrictions, barring RVs of a certain size from the campgrounds.

Besides the size of available campgrounds, small motorhomes have access to certain roads (especially dirt roads) that big RVs couldn’t even fit in. A lot of people with Class A RVs find themselves at a disadvantage here, as they tend to miss out on unique, rural areas.

Parking and Storage

People who like spontaneous travel favor small drivable RVs as there are often so many open parking spots available that one doesn’t need a reservation. Alternatively, people who prefer seasonal traveling save a fortune in storage unit costs with their small motorhomes.

A lot of people are skeptical about buying small motorhomes because they worry they will feel cramped in such a small space. However, they can be a great option for younger people, solo travelers, or frugal folk. At the end of the day, you’ll really only be in your RV while driving, sleeping, and maybe cooking. The rest of your time will be spent hiking flowering mountains, swimming in crystal-clear lakes, and exploring some of the most rural and impressive parts of our country.

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