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Tips for RVing with Dogs

We know what your first thought might be: I will not be RVing with my dogs. We understand where you are coming from, but with a few preparations, we know RV travel with dogs is easier than most think.

There are several things you will want to consider to ensure your dogs are safe, comfortable, and able to be themselves in your RV. Don’t put your travel dreams on hold because it is possible RVing with your dogs.

The first and foremost topic is safety when RVing with dogs. We highly recommend buying a seatbelt for your dogs when driving. We know it is your home on wheels, but protect your dogs with extended seatbelts.

Make sure you stop frequently when RVing with dogs. Pit stops are important for you and your canine. This will give your dogs the chance to stretch and play before getting back on the road. Give your dogs and yourself time to get your blood flowing,

Veterinary documents are vital when traveling. Ensure you have vaccination records, proof of ownership, and photographs when RVing with your dogs. If your dogs have any allergies or medical ailments, bring those documents as well. This will help if, God forbid, your dogs get lost or injured while you are traveling.

RVing with dogs

Wherever you are traveling, be sure to check local vets in the area. You will feel safer knowing where the closest vet is located if there is an emergency or your dogs are in need of more medication.

Bring everything they would have at home and to-go. Leashes, poop bags, toys, brushes, beds, and/or crates. This is your home-on-wheels, make sure your dogs feel comfortable in their environment.

Best Dog Breed for RV Travel

full time RV living with dogs

If you are considering full-timing or part-timing, then you first want to ensure the best dog breed for your RV travel.

  • Smaller dog breeds for RV travel:
    • Dachshund: a friendly breed that is willing to travel. It’s low to the ground body allows them to be comfortable nearly everywhere.
    • Chihuahua: travel-sized and low maintenance. Chihuahuas can fit everywhere and be happy everywhere.
  • Medium sized dog breeds for RV travel:
    • Portuguese water dogs: happy, athletic and adventurous. They also don’t shed
    • Terriers: energized and happy to explore the wilderness
  • Larger sized dog breeds for RV travel:
    • Labrador retrievers: active, gentle, and intelligent. Labrador retrievers are the most popular dog breed in America.
    • Golden retrievers: intelligent and loyal dogs. Golden retrievers also love to play outside.

Finding the best dog breed for RV travel will also depend on your lifestyle on the road. Will you be more of a home-body or one who is more adventurous outdoors when you travel? The best dog breed for RV travel is the one that is best for you and your travel style.

Full-Time RV Living with Dogs

best dog breed for RV travel

If you are considering full-time RV living with dogs, treating the road and your home-on-wheels as if it were home on the ground is important.

A play toy bin for your dog will make them feel right at home. Fill it with their favorite ropes, squeakers, and bones. We recommend getting an outdoor enclosure, so when you are outside your RV at a campsite your pet is comfortable and safe. In addition to having a designated food and water bowl in the RV, buy travel collapsible bowls and travel water bottles.

Full-time living with dogs requires you to keep food fresh. Invest in an airtight food container for your dogs. This will keep out pests and ensure your dogs’ food does not spoil.

Do not forget your dogs’ prescribed medications. When you are full-time RV living with dogs, your dogs will be introduced to the different environments, so you will also need to keep your pet up to date with flea and tick and heartworm medication.

When you are full-time RV living with dogs, they will spend time in the RV by themselves. Wherever you are traveling, always check the weather before leaving your dog in the RV. Ensure you have the proper hookups or equipment for heating and air conditioning the RV while you are away from your dogs.

There will be several dog-friendly options when you decided to go out. Check with local attractions, stores, and restaurants about their dog policy. Take your dogs whenever you can; your dogs will also love to sight-see and go on adventures.

Dog RV Parks

RV travel with dogs

Finding dog RV parks will be essential in your travel planning. Most all campsites accept dogs, but the sites will differ in dog policies. Be sure to call ahead when booking your reservations. There might be certain rules and breed restrictions at RV parks. The best dog RV parks will have an off-leash area, a dog run, and plenty of waste bags.

Dog RV Parks can be found on Bring Fido and Dog-Friendly. Dog RV parks can also be found through KOA which has a list of campgrounds catered to collared campers.

RV Travel with Dogs

dog RV parks

RV travel with dogs is possible! Just be prepared in your travels. RV travel with your dogs is a change of pace for you and your dogs, so ensure you are prepared in your travels.

Interested in a new RV or used RV to start traveling with your dogs? We have you covered. Call the RV Man today for more information.

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