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Best Travel Trailers For Full-Time Living

Some people love the life of routine. Decorating their own home, joining a flag football team, growing a garden. But some people want something more. They don’t want to be tied down to one home, one location. So what do they do? They hit the road with their home on wheels: a travel trailer.

Living in a travel trailer full time gives you the opportunity to see the country, to see the world even. You can work on your own schedule and go where you want when you want. It’s the perfect balance of life and travel. It’s all up to you. That’s the kind of lifestyle that a lot of people dream about.

But not all trailers are created equal. Some will suit your needs better than others. So then, especially if you’re living in a travel trailer full time rather than part-time, it’s important to evaluate all your options before making this big financial and personal investment.

You’ll have a lot of things to take into consideration. Everything, from the size of the bathroom to the type of windows it has, will affect your experience and long-term comfort. We’re here to show you the best travel trailers for full-time living and then will let you take care of the rest.


The Airstream is known in the RV industry as one of the best trailers to live in. The bubble-shaped, aluminum camper is easily recognizable and sought after by many aesthetically-inclined individuals. People will even rent them out as Airbnbs. Airstreams are also known for their quality and level of comfort.

Some of their travel trailers, such as the Tommy Bahama, have built-in bars and can be up to thirty feet long. Their Basecamp trailer is a little more than sixteen feet long and is a simple, minimalist option for those looking for a more lightweight option. Any of their travel trailer models would be best for all those looking for full time RVing in a small travel trailer. Check out our supply of Airstreams or other ultra light travel trailers!

full time RVing in a small travel trailer

Jayco North Point Fifth Wheel

The 2018 model of Jayco’s North Point fifth wheel is the name of luxury in the RV community. They offer amenities like seamless countertops and porcelain bath stools to provide the best amount of on-the-road comfort possible. Jayco’s North Point was built for the adventurous souls who’d still like that relaxing, homey vibe. Weather protection, two-year limited warranty, an electric fireplace, and other enticing amenities make living in a travel trailer that much better. For more fifth wheel trailers, check out our inventory at The RV Man.

Heartland Sundance

Heartland’s Sundance will give you a whole new perspective on what it’s like when you’re full time RVing in a small travel trailer. They think smarter, giving you a lightweight trailer without compromising the comfort of it. Whether you’re traveling or camping with your partner or your entire family, the Heartland Sundance travel trailer will be perfect for you.

living in a travel trailer

Jayco Hummingbird Travel Trailer

Another fantastic Jayco creation! The Hummingbird travel trailer takes RVing to a whole new level. Don’t let your funds or your car hold you back. Don’t get in your head that it’s too soon or too late to take this leap. The Hummingbird is light enough to be towed behind your SUV, is easy to maintain, comfortable, and it’s affordable. Even though it’s on the smaller side, it’s still very spacious on the inside. What more could you want? The Hummingbird will make living in a travel trailer full time seem like a breeze!

Coachmen Chaparral Fifth Wheel

The Coachmen Chaparral fifth wheel is the best trailer to live in if you’re looking for efficiency. The white external color reflects the UV ray outwards and makes it easier to stay cool during the summer. There is plenty of room for extra batteries, LED back-lit marine-grade speakers built into the wall, and six-layer floor construction. Every aspect of this fifth wheel has been thought out. You’ll save time and energy with all these impressive features.

best trailer to live in

Make That Leap

All of these travel trailers are great, but at the end of the day, it’s all about finding one that perfectly fits your needs. Think about it. Living in a travel trailer full time will be your new life. You’ll have to sit down and figure out what size trailer you’ll be looking for, where you want to go, how long you’ll be driving, even how much you plan on cooking. It’s a big decision but one that will change your life for the better.

It might seem scary, just leaving everything behind and hitting the road with no real plan. It might be the craziest thing you’ll ever do. But it will all be worth it when you realize that every day in your travel trailer is an adventure waiting to happen. What a life.

If you’re itching to get on the road in an RV of your own, visit The RV Man today and check out our RVs for sale. We’ve got a wide selection of travel trailers to suit every need. For questions or concerns regarding travel trailers, please contact our friendly RV Man staff today!

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