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Best RV Trips in USA

There’s nothing quite like hitting the open road and exploring the most beautiful, entirely-American parts of our country. There are small towns cafes, hidden beaches, and forests that you can only find on a good-old-fashion road trip. Still, we all know the hassles of a road trip: bathroom stops, low-blood sugar, exhaustion. That’s why a lot of people choose RVs as their vehicle-of-choice on road trips.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at the best RV destinations of 2018. Try them out with your family, friends, or a random Polka band that you met at a burger-joint in rural Missouri!

We’d like to point out that, because The United States is so massive, we’ll be classifying the best RV trips by regions. This is because what qualifies as some of the best RV trips in the West will have entirely different standards than the best RV trips in the Midwest. Let’s start with the West!


Best RV Trips In The West

The Western states have a versatile landscape. On one end, you have powerful oceans and national forests with trees that grow higher than 240 feet tall. Only a few hours away, you can find a vast, dry desert that looks like something out of an apocalyptic movie. They are yin and yang, each beautiful and unique in their own way.

Big Sur is considered one of the best RV trips in the West, especially when you’re looking for the Pacific. You’ll drive intensely windy roads to come up to the towering cliffs that give way to the ocean below. You can camp under the stars or sit on the cold sand of Pfeiffer beach and feel the air sting your face. If you’re craving the big-city vibe, San Francisco is just a short drive away.

Yellowstone National Park has plenty of places to park your RV while you begin your exciting trip at one of the most famous parks in the whole country. Wild animals, geysers, hiking, and hot springs are the ingredients for a perfect vacation.


Best RV Trips East Coast

New England is where our ancestors came to start their lives in a new country. If you’re into history, fresh seafood, and unforgettable ocean views, this would be the best RV trip for you. The Rangeley Lakes Scenic Byway in Maine or the Route 1A in New Hampshire will take you on a journey through historic America or along the Atlantic Ocean.

Kingly Cape Cod is one of the best RV trips, east coast version. It’s famous for its relaxed vibe, seafood, and sandy white beaches. Similar to Big Sur, it is a beautiful window to the open ocean, only it’s on the complete opposite side of the country. Ride the MA6A or Old King’s Highway. Keep your eyes open for the Cape Cod National Seashore or the Pilgrim Monument.


Best RV Trips In The Midwest

Our list of the best RV trips in the Midwest would not be complete without the naming of The Great Lakes. There are dozens and dozens of campgrounds and RV parks to set up shop at while you go off to explore Lake Superior, the Apostle Island, or Port Huron. This would be a summer vacation filled with activities like swimming and exploring. You’ll be close to Niagara Falls too, so that would be a great day trip to shake things up a bit!

South Dakota is home to Mount Rushmore and the sculpture carved into it that we’ve grown up hearing about. If you haven’t visited yet, it’s time to go. If you haven’t done an RV road trip there, you haven’t really been at all. The drive there is incredible, filled with towering mountains and thick green forests.

Best RV Trips In The South

William B. Bankhead National Forest in Alabama is known in the RV community as being one of the best RV trips in the South. There are RV camps to park at while you head out to the forest to go bird watching, hiking, swimming, or picnicking.

South Carolina is a goldmine of beautiful beaches, par ks, serene towns, and historic plantations. The state is fairly small, so driving in your RV will be the perfect way to see all the best sights, like Boone Hall, Magnolia Plantations, Myrtle Beach, Congaree National Park, and Hilton Head.

Best RV Trips For Families

This list of the best RV trips wouldn’t be complete without our section of the best RV trips for families. Lake Tahoe, which is strangely located in both California and Nevada, is one of our favorites. It has enough campgrounds and RV parks to go around. Give yourself plenty of time to do water sports, hikes, and float along in the many rivers.

In general, the best RV trips for families will be where you can all be adventurous together. These would be places like Grand Teton National Park, Lake Shasta in Northern California, or Siuslaw National Forest.

The best part of RV road trips is that you have the ruggedness of the outdoors, but still have the comforts and luxuries of your RV. You make your own itinerary, you explore on your own time. It will bring you and your family, friends, or that random Polka band together in an unforgettable way and you’ll have memories to share for a lifetime.

If these destination hot spots have got you eager to hit the road, then why not drop by The RV Man to get started? We’ve got new RVs for sale for tech and gadget lovers as well used RVs for sale for modest travelers. We encourage you to visit us anytime or give us a call for any questions or concerns regarding your next RV adventure.

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